Gas is not a very cheap item, and its crucial that you learn the ways to conserve on the same. You might own a fuel-efficient car or SUV, but with some smart Nissan tips and tricks, you can cut down on the consumption of gas, thereby saving dollars to a considerable extent. 

Tips to Save Gas in Your Nissan

Know The Right Fuel For Your Nissan

You should know the recommended fuel for your car in order to derive the maximum and attain the highest Nissan fuel economy. If you have the least idea about it, you can check...continue reading

The Nissan Maxima is a stylish sports car that features advanced utilities and driver-assist technologies for safety. The powerful yet sleek model is brilliantly designed, offering core functionalities and design. It looks luxurious, provides the highest levels of comfort to the passengers, facilitates seamless connectivity, and boasts an astounding fuel economy. 

Maximum Fuel Efficiency

The notable feature of Nissan Maxima is its fuel efficiency. While the 2019 model churns out 20 (city), 30 (highway),...continue reading

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Your car tires keep rotating every time you drive, but do you know what we mean by tire rotation here? Well, you must be aware that your front tires take a large part of the burden and do most of the work, be it going down the road or turning. This means these tires wear out quicker than your rear tires and need to be replaced. This is where tire rotation comes into play. 

Tire rotation involves removing the tires and swapping and remounting them. However, if you do not know how often to rotate tires, heres a detailed...continue reading

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Locking yourself out of your car because your keyfob died on you can be a frustrating experience. Nissan's keyfobs help remote start your car when your hands are full. When they give up on you, you might not know what to do.

Change The Battery

Changing the battery of your keyfob is the most natural solution. To change your batteries, open the battery slot with a small screwdriver or a coin. The battery will have numbers on it, which you have to match with the new battery to get an accurate replacement. ...continue reading

Nissan is known for constantly developing new technologies to equip their models with the best possible features in the market. One of the companys latest innovations is Intelligent Cruise Control,...continue reading