In the digital age, its all about connectivity, intelligent features, and smarter integrations, even in vehicles. Today the automobile segment has rapidly evolved and has adopted features to make driving a digitally-charged experience for car owners. From smartphone integration to Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports; vehicles have drastically improved their performance to match with changing the technological dynamics. In this Nissan ProPilot Assist review, we will take a better look into the differences...continue reading

Leather First:

The prominent use of leather gives a plush feel to the interiors. The leather seats in two spacious rows promise comfort and style. The leather-wrapped shift knob ups the luxury factor. The geometric metallic trim, steering wheel-shaped like the alphabet D, dog bone-shaped cup holder, and the neat center console point to a high degree of precision and attention to detail. Apart from the fine details, the fact that Nissan Rogue has a huge cargo area of 39.3 cubic feet ups its utility factor....continue reading

A trailer brake controller is a piece of equipment without which it would not be feasible to tow anything worth towing for any distance involved. A trailer brake controller helps to synchronize the braking between the tow vehicle and the trailer, a function without which braking would be very tedious and damaging for the braking system, not to mention more dangerous.

Trailer brakes sync the braking of the two vehicles, and this is done after considering the towing capacity, the terrain on which...continue reading

The Nissan Leaf is an economical, eco-friendly, sustainable electric hatchback that makes driving around Easton feel like you're riding on the clouds. The Leaf is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and the silent and smooth drives delivered by the Nissan Leaf has turned it into a mainstay in the electric vehicle market.

The 2020 upgrade brings exciting changes - one of the most important ones being that driver-assist features, which were previously additional, are now available across all trim levels....continue reading

How to buy a car when looking to trade-in your old one? At Kelly Nissan, we buy your car and add it to the range of Kelly pre-owned cars we have on offer. If youre in Bethlehem, Emmaus, or Allentown and looking to trade-in, weve got you covered. You can make the most out of your trade-in deal, but you need to know how. Here are five ways to make it happen:

Do your research

Researching what other cars similar to yours are priced at can help you determine the value of your own. It may also give...continue reading