5 Ways of Getting the Most Out of Your Trade-In

How to buy a car when looking to trade-in your old one? At Kelly Nissan, we buy your car and add it to the range of Kelly pre-owned cars we have on offer. If you’re in Bethlehem, Emmaus, or Allentown and looking to trade-in, we’ve got you covered. You can make the most out of your trade-in deal, but you need to know how. Here are five ways to make it happen:

Do your research

Researching what other cars similar to yours are priced at can help you determine the value of your own. It may also give you a realistic picture of how much your model can fetch for you, thereby helping you decide if trading it in is the best choice based on your needs. Look up the trade-in value of your car through online guides and see if there’s anything you owe on it. Then, you will be in a better position to finalize how much you want for the trade-in. 

Prepare your car

While you won’t be able to make your car look like it’s brand new, prepare it so that it’s clean and appears to be more attractive to the dealership. Get rid of any aftermarket accessories you used for a personal touch and make sure the interiors and trunk area are spotless. Also, keep your documentation ready to vouch for the fact that your car has been well-maintained over the course of its period of use. 

Separate negotiations 

Remember, when you go to trade-in your vehicle, you’re there for two transactions. Don’t let the trade-in of your existing vehicle interfere with your purchase of a new vehicle. Even if your dealer tries to jump back and forth between the two negotiations, you should bring your focus back to the task at hand without letting the price of one be affected by the other. Nissan Financial has great offers for your new purchase. 

Understand your dealer

You’re going to make things a lot easier for yourself if you look at the deal from the dealer’s perspective too. Keep in mind the profit margins they’re looking to make and the model year, condition, as well as years of use, for an understanding of what your dealer is typically expecting to make and how much you can negotiate. 

Don’t settle

If your dealership offers special promotions for trade-ins, take advantage of it. Know the worth of your car and drive a tough negotiation if you have to, but don’t agree to settle for lesser than you deserve. 

Source: Unsplash