Nissan Dashboard Light Warning Guide

Seeing a dashboard light that you are unfamiliar with can be infuriating and downright frightening, especially when you do not know whether your car is internally malfunctioning. With the handy guide listed below, you can understand whether your Nissan is in need of urgent repair.

Brake Light

This sign lights up when the parking brake is applied or if you have low brake fluid in your pads.

Anti-Lock Braking (ABS)

If the ABS sign lights up while you are driving, the anti-lock function of your Nissan could be turned off. Braking without the help of ABS could be detrimental for inexperienced drivers.

Low Tire Pressure

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) detects the air pressure of your tires. If you see the low tire pressure sign light up, you should refill the air in your tires and drives at a speed above 16 mph to turn the light off.

Power Steering

The power steering light indicates that the electrically charged steering system needs to be checked immediately.

Supplemental Airbag

The supplemental air bag warning might flash or not come on at all if the restraint system or its pretensioners are not working adequately.

Malfunction Indicator

If the malfunction indicator is steadily illuminated, your fuel cap may be loose or missing. If the indicator is blinking, your engine may be misfiring. You should take precautions to avoid speeds above 45 mph, steep climbs, and hard accelerations.

Dynamic Control

You may feel a slight vibration if the controls of your car are not working as intended. In severe cases, you may even hear the system working. The Vehicle dynamic control light will turn on in both these instances. If this signal stays on or lights up with the indicator light, you should visit a mechanic as soon as you can.

Seat Belt Warning

The light continues to stay on if your seat belt is not properly fastened.

Charge Warning

If this light turns on while you are driving, your charging system may be malfunctioning. Check the generator belt, and take it to a mechanic if the light remains on.

Master Warning

A master warning sign will light up if your car has one or many of the issues listed above. Red alert lights are what you should be most concerned about. If you are worried about the dashboard warnings on your Nissan, head over to our dealership in Easton, a short drive away from the neighboring cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Emmaus, and get your car checked by professionals today.

Source: Nissan