Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control

Nissan is known for constantly developing new technologies to equip their models with the best possible features in the market. One of the company’s latest innovations is Intelligent Cruise Control, which makes the driver’s life much easier by reducing his/her workload on long journeys. The driver is required to enter a speed range into the system, between which the car will move on its own without requiring frequent intervention from the driver.

The Intelligent Cruise Control System differs significantly from conventional Cruise Control. Intelligent Cruise Control has the ability to adjust the speed according to its distance from the preceding vehicle. But Conventional Cruise Control only allows your car to run at a constant rate. That said, you can use the Intelligent Cruise Control system on roads with dense traffic as well, while this would be impossible with Conventional Cruise Control.

How does Intelligent Cruise Control work?

The intelligent cruise control system maintains a safe distance from the automobile in front of you based on the speed entered by you into the system. The acceleration and deceleration are also controlled accordingly. However, if the vehicle ahead comes to a sudden halt, your Nissan stops at a pre-specified distance from the succeeding car.

However, it is possible that the driver in front of you decelerates rapidly, or another car cuts into your lane suddenly. In such situations, if the ICC system is unable to bring in adequate deceleration on time, it displays a warning message to take the car off the ICC mode. When the ICC system is unable to detect any car upfront, it starts to move at the highest speed as specified by you.

Advantages of the ICC System

The Intelligent Cruise Control system tries to reduce the work of the driver while ensuring the safety of every passenger in the car.

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Source: Nissan