Nissan Roadside Assistance

Nissan Roadside Assistance is a 24x7 service available through the year that allows any Nissan car owner to connect with Nissan and receive help for their car troubles. What this means is that if your car breaks down during your commute, for example in Allentown, and you are not near any place where you can receive assistance for your car, then Nissan Roadside Assistance will send help your way, and can even have your car towed to Nissan dealerships in Allentown if necessary.

Nissan Roadside Assistance can either be reached by calling a toll-free number, which will be provided to you when you purchase your car, or by using the NissanConnect services either on your phone or on your car's display screen. Nissan Roadside Assistance is complimentary for everyone who purchases a Nissan vehicle in the year 2010 or afterward. The complimentary service continues for the first 36 months since your car's delivery date, or the first 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

What Services Can You Avail From Nissan Roadside Assistance?

When you reach out to Nissan Roadside Assistance, the service operator will ask you for these details:

  • Your name and location.
  • Your Vehicle Identification Number.
  • What has happened to your and car and whether you need it to be towed or not.
  • If your car has to be towed, the service operative may ask for additional information, such as whether you have a dealership in mind that you would like your car to be towed to, and whether you would like to travel to the dealership with your car.

After receiving information, the service operator will send a technician your way, who will either fix your car, or if this cannot be done, tow it to a nearby Nissan dealership for you.

These are the services that Nissan Roadside Assistance provides:

    1. Fuel Delivery
      If you have run out of gas, the technician will deliver fuel to you.

    2. Lock-out Assistance
       The technician can help you to get back inside your car.

    3. Jump-start Battery
       If you're dealing with a dead battery, then the technician can jump-start the battery for you.
    4. Flat Tire
      The technician can exchange your flat tire with your spare.

    5. Towing
      The technician can have your car towed to a nearby Nissan dealership, including if towing is necessary after accidents or collisions.

Connect with Nissan Roadside Assistance to receive assistance for your disabled vehicle.

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Source: Nissan