All About Nissan Safety Shield 360 and Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan Safety Shield 360 in combination with Nissan Intelligent Mobility guarantees safety at a notch higher level than we are currently accustomed to. It redefines car driving experience with a suite of safety features. These features go on to further redefine how cars should be made. These features will be available on Altima and Rogue.

Nissan Safety Shield 360 is a complete suite of advanced safety technologies or driver-assist systems. The brake is automated and comes into action once a pedestrian is detected. The other features in the suite include blind-spot warning to assist with detection. Lane departure warning keeps the driver steady in the lane. Rear cross-traffic alert and rear automatic braking keep the vehicle safe when reversing. The high beam assist works automatically when a vehicle is detected.

Active Safety and Driver-Assist

Nissan’s all top-selling models are to be equipped with six advanced active safety features known as Safety Shield 360 by 2021. These safety features are meant to assist drivers. These features from Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies are of a revolutionary nature. The automaker projects to integrate these features into all their popular and affordable models.

The 360 suite protects the vehicle all around, front, side, and rear. The automatic emergency braking comes into action with radar and camera technology as soon as crossing pedestrians and vehicles are tracked. The technology helps avoid collisions or minimizes the impact.

Lane departure warning sounds alarmed to alert the driver from drifting from lane. High beam assist switches to low beam on detection of a vehicle and turns on the high beam when the vehicle passes. These three features are designed to keep the vehicle safe from the front.

The side of the vehicle has two safety features – blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert. Blindspot warning supports the driver in spotting vehicles in blind spot areas of the driver. Rear cross-traffic alert is designed to protect the vehicle when reversing.

Rear automatic braking saves the vehicle from back side collision by letting the driver detect stationary objects when reversing.

Nissan should be your topmost choice if safety is your priority. You may like to examine these safety features. You may want to see how they work while driving. We would welcome you to Kelly Nissan in Easton. Allentown, Emmaus, and Bethlehem are the cities we serve.

Source: Nissan