How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

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Your car tires keep rotating every time you drive, but do you know what we mean by tire rotation here? Well, you must be aware that your front tires take a large part of the burden and do most of the work, be it going down the road or turning. This means these tires wear out quicker than your rear tires and need to be replaced. This is where tire rotation comes into play. 

Tire rotation involves removing the tires and swapping and remounting them. However, if you do not know how often to rotate tires, here’s a detailed write-up to guide you right.

Most vehicle dealers and manufacturers recommend rotating tires when you get the oil changed. Assuming you drive over 7,500 miles annually, you are advised to rotate your tires twice a year, to avoid uneven wear. However, if you drive short distances and rarely take out your car, you can postpone rotating your tires. 

You can get in touch with your nearest Nissan dealer in Easton, Bethlehem, or Allentown to precisely know how often to rotate tires, or refer to the manual provided by your car manufacturer/dealer.

Tire rotation requirement also depends upon:

  • The vehicle/model you drive
  • Road conditions in your city; tires quickly wear out if your city has narrow, curvy and bad roads.
  • Your driving style
  • Performance levels of the tires; high performing ones need to be rotated at frequent intervals.

Why Are Tire Rotations So Important?

If you ignore tire rotation, you will be required to replace the tires sooner; this means, you need to pay for the new tires. Moreover, driving is also unsafe with unevenly worn-out tires.

Benefits Of Tire Rotation

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Extended tire life
  • Balanced handling
  • Improved traction and control
  • A smoother ride to experience

To get the best tire rotation service in Bethlehem, Emmaus, and Allentown or for details pertaining to tire rotation, call Kelly to get your tires rotated, distribute the burden, and prevent uneven tread wear. Add tire rotation to your priority list today and benefit from longer tire life.

Source: Nissan