How to Buy a New Car

Kelly Auto Group

At Kelly Automotive Group, we realize that purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision. In fact, second to purchasing a home, buying a vehicle is probably your largest purchase. That’s why our goal is to help our customers navigate through the car buying process as it’s not just an every-day transaction.

We’ve created this mini-series on “How To Buy A New Car” to walk you through key aspects of the car buying process so you can feel confident in your shopping and purchase experience. We’re here to guide you at any point in your car buying journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our experienced team at Kelly!

Step 1. Do Your Research

Step 2. Treat Yourself Like a VIP

Step 3. Decide What Matters to You

Step 4. Drive the Car

Step 5. Payment Options

Step 6. Consider the Whole Cost

Step 7. Comfort Questions

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