How Do You Start a Nissan With a Dead Key Fob?

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Locking yourself out of your car because your keyfob died on you can be a frustrating experience. Nissan's keyfobs help remote start your car when your hands are full. When they give up on you, you might not know what to do.

Change The Battery

Changing the battery of your keyfob is the most natural solution. To change your batteries, open the battery slot with a small screwdriver or a coin. The battery will have numbers on it, which you have to match with the new battery to get an accurate replacement. 

If you are in an emergency, try pulling the car's handle with the fob touching your car. Sometimes, the fob will have enough battery for one last pull. Before doing this, remove any covers on your key fob.

Mechanical Key

Thanks to Nissan's remote start technology, almost all Nissan keyfobs have a mechanical key hidden inside in the event your batteries run out. The fob, however, bears a small catch, which, when opened, allows you to access the mechanical key. You can unlock your car with the mechanical key, which will allow you to open your vehicle.

Starting Your Car

Your keyfob is not essential to start your car, as automakers have designed the ignition button to work even if the keyfob fails. Many automakers have even given the ignition button a manual start option. Many vehicles such as Mazda and Ford variants have a key slot below the steering column. You can insert the fob and start the engine there.

If you do not have a manual ignition key, press the fob against the button and push it. Several automakers use this backup method to ensure that your car drives even if your keyfob dies.

Nissan's remote start technology is a breakthrough invention in the automobile industry. However, you do not have to search for your nearest Nissan dealer to help you with your Nissan keyfob. 

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Source: Nissan