How to Pick the Best Tires for Your Nissan Armada?

Purchasing Nissan tires is easy, but it’s finding the right ones that can greatly improve your car’s performance. The wrong choice can reduce your car’s ability to handle any type of road and weather conditions.

Car tires must be replaced every four years. When shopping for Armada tires, you have to consider factors like handling, dry braking, wet braking, ride noise, rolling resistance, ride comfort, and snow traction.

Here are a few tips that will help you make the best tire purchase:


Start by consulting the owner’s manual to figure out the recommended tire measurements. The label you need will resemble this: P215/60R16 94T. If you’re unsure, contact your nearest Nissan Service center. The first part of the label, i.e. P215 or 60R16, indicates the tire’s size measurements, namely diameter, and width. The number 94 refers to the load index or how much weight the tire is capable of supporting. The T points to the speed rating or tire’s maximum speed ability in comparison to the load index.

Type of Tires

There are many types of Nissan tires available, such as:

  • All-Season
    These are known for providing excellent grip and extended mileage, ideal for SUVs and mainstream vehicles.

  • Performance All-Season
    This tire has a better grip for cornering, but the performance is not as long.

  • All-terrain Truck
     Designed for large SUVs that perform towing and hauling duties. This tire design has an aggressive tread pattern to facilitate off-road traction. They’re also called all-season tires.

  • Snow Tires
    These tires have a snowflake or mountain symbol along the tire’s sidewall. The treads are numerous compared to all-season tires. You’ll also notice many slits on the tires.
  • Summer or ultra-high-performance tires
     These are suitable for performance sedans and sports cars.


Apart from the type of tire and cost, you also need to consider the tire’s ratings. This is important if you want tires with an all-weather grip and maximum tread life. If you’re about which tires to get, we recommend visiting or calling Kelly Nissan, PA.

Our dealership will be able to guide you in your purchase decision, or any other queries – be it Route 33 Nissan service hours or the best Nissan lease deals. Our Kelly Nissan dealership in Easton, PA, also serves customers from Bethlehem, Emmaus, and Allentown. 

Source: Nissan