How to Use a Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller is a piece of equipment without which it would not be feasible to tow anything worth towing for any distance involved. A trailer brake controller helps to synchronize the braking between the tow vehicle and the trailer, a function without which braking would be very tedious and damaging for the braking system, not to mention more dangerous.

Trailer brakes sync the braking of the two vehicles, and this is done after considering the towing capacity, the terrain on which the trailer is to be towed, as well as the power of the towing vehicle. Most trucks in PA have a trailer brake controller installed if they need to ever tow anything. It is a state requirement when towing heavy trailers and one that makes towing over the rugged terrain of PA all the safer and easier. Nissan trucks, with their excellent power and handling, are well suited for towing purposes and have a towing capacity second to none. These trucks are ideal for having a good trailer brake controller installed in them.

There are basically two types of trailer brake controllers. The newer one is the proportional brake controllers, which apply the trailer brakes with the same intensity with which you apply the brakes on the tow vehicles. That means you can just as easily come to a hard stop as you can to a rolling stop with the trailer brake simply mimicking your own tow vehicle brake intensity. It is more expensive and must be mounted at specific angles.

The other is the time-delayed brake controller, which allows you to choose how much power is transferred to the trailer brake and after how much of a time delay. It is cheaper and has a more rugged design, but is a little onerous to use.

There are under the dash controllers, wireless controllers, trailer-mounted controllers, and dashboard knob controllers, each with their own installation, price, and adjustment variables that cater to the entire gamut of individuals seeking to install trailer brake controllers. Picking the perfect controller for your tow relies on the power of the tow vehicle, the weight of the trailer, the distance to be covered, the condition of the terrain, and the traffic that is expected.

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Source: Nissan